We are a full-service manufacturer and provide services from the initial development to a finished product that is ready to hit the market.

Each step of the way we will provide you with our expertise in order to make this process run as smoothly as possible. 



Our Product & Account Managers take the helm of your product portfolio, ensuring coordination from development to delivery. With attention to detail, they orchestrate every aspect of the project, collaborating closely with both clients and internal teams at Mondial. Our commercial team is attuned to your unique needs, crafting tailored proposals with an inspired-by-you, customized-by-us approach. With years of industry experience, we stand ready to collaborate on every aspect, from enhancing store presentations to optimizing online strategies, ensuring your brand achieves success.

let’s paint a
future in the
vibrant palette
of cosmetics.


At Mondial, we believe that exceptional products are born from unique formulations. Our R&D department is dedicated to developing trend-setting and innovative products, drawing upon our industry knowledge, experience, and premium-quality raw materials.

Collaborating with makeup artists, we ensure that our creations not only follow trends but also deliver on performance. Our library is continuously updated to incorporate emerging trends and innovative raw materials, and our formulations ensure that clients receive products that meet the latest industry standards.



Our creative team stays on top of global market trends, drawing inspiration from beauty, fashion, and design landscapes. Leveraging our expertise and trend awareness, we tailor customized products and concepts to meet your unique needs. 

In our in-house design studio, we bring your cosmetics concept to life. From initial ideas to visual presentations, and mood boards, we visualize the design for you to have a good impression of what the final product will look like. Once the design is approved, our studio provides precise technical drawings and oversees the printing process, ensuring a flawless end result.


At Mondial, our commitment to quality begins at the source. Our QA/QC department rigorously tests raw materials, packaging, and finished products in our laboratory. To maintain consistency and compliance, we have quality control officers stationed in the Netherlands and the Far East, who assess all purchased packaging and finished products against our quality standards.

We take pride in conducting our development and production processes in full compliance with the latest regulations and legislation. We prioritize ethical practices, ensuring fair working conditions and zero tolerance for child labor. Moreover, Mondial Cosmetics holds several certifications including GMP and RSPO. As members of the Dutch Cosmetics Association (NCV), we are committed to upholding industry standards and promoting excellence in every aspect of our operations.



Mondial Cosmetics prioritizes efficient stock control to meet the unique demands of the beauty and private label industry. Our goal is to maintain optimal stock levels, balancing service excellence with inventory management. Internally, automation plays a key role in enhancing our processes.

Factors like varying lead times and raw material scarcity influence our operations. We work closely with suppliers to ensure risk-free deliveries, using customer forecasts to guide our planning. By monitoring sales projections against actual turnover, we adapt our plans dynamically.

We view our customer relationships as partnerships, ensuring we always have the right stock at the right time to meet their needs.


Our logistics department stands ready to manage the distribution of your products both domestically and internationally. In addition, we can offer retail services by leveraging our extensive network of external contacts.

We provide storage solutions for semi-finished products, packaging, and finished goods, ensuring your inventory is managed efficiently and effectively. We currently have 1750 square meters of warehouse space and 1200 pallet places.

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